Building a business can often be lonely and frustrating... BUT IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE!

The Profitable Lifestyle Inner Circle Is The Best Way To Take Your Business To The Next Level, and I'd like to invite you to join this community Today!

ACTION TAKERS ONLY:  Register now and receive instant training, sent straight to your doorstep, valued at $1188.

Your Profitable Lifestyle Inner Circle membership will continue monthly thereafter.
Its time to stop building your business alone...
We truly believe it takes a village to raise a child and similarly, a team to build a business. 

The entrepreneur journey is too often walked alone but once you’ve decided to bring your dream business to life, you must tap into a successful entrepreneur mentor, and a supportive community of others building their own businesses...

If you want to build the business of your dreams and products or services that can change the world… 

If you want to build your wealth so you and your family never have to worry about money again… 

And if you want to create a legacy and make a difference in the world....

You’re in the right place, and we’re here to help…

I'd like to invite you to join me inside Profitable Lifestyle Inner Circle for just $197 each contract required!  
You will gain access to all the programs I have developed 
for the Profitable Lifestyle principles of Consistency of Cashflow and Clientflow.  

Together, we will put a plan in place for you to know which is the exact program for you 
to start with during your private Roadmap to Success call with my team.  
You’ll get strategies for your business that you otherwise wouldn’t have (and can put them into action ASAP). I share what I use in my business, including what works and what hasn't worked.
​​We will keep you accountable and ensure that you stay on track to achieve your business goals using my Tiny Habits approach to make it happen.
The Inner Circle will help you get through those inevitable roadblocks as you now have access to a nonstop sounding board and support system.
You’ll receive a blast of energy and motivation from our group calls, and you’ll develop business and personal relationships with the others members as the entire community is ready to help your business grow!

Kellee W.

WIN: I found so much CLARITY! 
After working with Jen for about six weeks, I totally changed directions in what I thought I wanted to do in my business.
Jen helped me find focus and put my efforts in what I really needed to do to achieve my goals. That's a big win! ”
Training every Month!
You'll have access to our members-only monthly Training and Guest Speakers where you have access to me and my team of experts to answer any strategic or technical questions you may have.

Our trainings are all based on my philosophy of consistency in Cash-flow and Client-flow routines using the Profitable Lifestyle Formula.
Enjoy the security and support of having Jennifer in your corner LIVE for advice, support, trouble-shooting and HOT tips...there truly is nothing holding you back from building your very own successful lifestyle-friendly business!
Join our incredibly supportive Private Facebook community of action takers!
You'll be invited to become a member of our private Facebook Group where you can ask questions, get feedback, be supported and celebrate your wins. 

Stop building your business on your own and instead, get 24/7 access to thousands of other Entrepreneurs building their businesses, overcoming challenges and kicking goals!
Connect Face-to-Face with other Inner Circle members and entrepreneurs at Profitable Lifestyle live events and workshops!
When you join the Inner Circle, you'll also be invited to connect with other clever business owners at our live Profitable Lifestyle live event and workshops at your Inner Circle discounted rate. 

We provide workbooks full of action sheets, checklists and the tangible things you need to build your Profitable Lifestyle Business.  Experience some surprises over our 3 days together.

You'll stay on track, encourage each other, get feedback on your business ideas, develop joint initiatives and promotions, and make lasting friendships...all over a cup of coffee or glass of wine! ;-)
Monthly Take Action Kits
Our main focus is working on the right things that best support moving the needle forward in your business growth. 

This doesn't mean doing for the sake of doing. 

I share strategies I use in my business each month, and IF you are ready, we will lovingly encourage you to get out of your comfort zone and into your courage zone to take action. 

If aren't in the place of your business to take on any new strategies, we will suggest to you how you should best use your time and efforts.
Here's some wins from our amazing community...

Lolita V

"WIN: Dash for CASH Campaigns work!
I did my first ever quick sale and I booked about $2500 worth of photo booth gigs in less than a week...I think about four days and that was amazing.
As a result of the success of my business while working with Jennifer, I'm going to Puerto Rico this summer. It's happening!"

Here's how it works...

A guided monthly training program that provides the accountability, tools, and 
support YOU need to help streamline your time, control your cash-flow AND be happy in the process!
Packed with invaluable trainings, productivity-boosting schedules, insight from guest experts who’ve been there, templates, checklists, step-by-step system implementations, done-for-you scripts, and the real-time support of like-minded women (and men). This community and program seamlessly guides you through exactly what it takes to achieve true success, control, and happiness in your business!     
When you join, you will gain access to my ENTIRE EDUCATION VAULT VALUED AT OVER $10,000!
I want more successful case studies...
And I figure the best way to do that is to just give you access to every secret…
Every strategy…
Every tactic…
And EVERY hack that I use in my own business!
That way, you have no reason not to succeed, right?!
And the best way to give you all of that goodness is by just gifting you all of my courses. 

Each quarter you get to unlock and focus on 1 of my Core Courses, going far beyond “just information”, to help you master your Time, Money, Happiness, and Reach - including my signature favorites:
  • Time-Saving Stacking System: Experiencing the Power of Tiny Habits to Get More Done in Less Time
  • Discover Your Unique Brilliance Blueprint: Attracting the Right Clients, While Doing the Work You Love
  • Dash-To-Cash™: Using Cash Injection Strategies to Predict and Plan Cash Flow
  • The Nurture Faucet: Turning Your Stream of Leads into Your (Future) Sales
  • ​and more is being added...
And you receive Take Action Guides sent directly to your doorstep each month! (my favorite part!!)
It doesn't matter when you join, you will work through these upon your entry date and at your pace AND you can select which course you want unlocked each quarter. We have a kickoff call with each new member in order to help you define your roadmap and figure out the best path for you. Members who pay in full can gain access to all course material at a faster rate.

You will be held accountable by myself and my team in our online community campus.

Using key ingredients from my Profitable Lifestyle Formula™, each month we’ll shatter expectations, redefine your business, shape your daily routines, and help you become truly happy. 

You’ll learn to…
  • Ditch procrastination!
  • Learn how to prioritize and become ultra-focused in tackling tasks, projects, and goals.
  • Learn the true value of your time, set boundaries, and analyze your Opportunity Cost at every turn.
  • Discover the Power of Tiny Habits to streamline your daily, personal, and business routines.
  • Strategically grow your business so that it can become sustainable without you by setting a strong foundation.
  • Focus on making money as quickly as possible, with the least amount of effort possible, using short-term cash injection strategies.
  • Craft your signature Lead Magnet (AKA Freebie) using a recipe for success to keep your sales pipeline full.
  • Improve your conversions by becoming a number-tracking expert!
  • Gain clarity and confidence in your messaging and brand, using your own Unique Brilliance to attract your ideal clients.
  • ​Activate happiness neuro-pathways via daily Brain Bliss Activation. Mhmm, that’s right! You’ll learn how to automate happiness!
With the Profitable Lifestyle Inner Circle, month by month, you will be provided with everything you need to build your very own Business Operating System. It's time to be in a community where you can surround yourself with like-minded entrepreneurs who provide a constant flow of insights, ideas and strategies you'd NEVER come up with yourself, alone, sitting at your desk.

Lower the amount of time you spend working while focusing on making money doing the things you love the most, and give yourself the freedom to stand up tall and shout with confidence...


All by simply unlocking, guiding, and focusing your OWN inner potential, passions, and talent!

No fuss. No frills. No “get rich quick” schemes, or sleaze-ball sales tactics.

Just you finally getting the answers you’ve been looking for, the support you crave, and the life you deserve! 

Marie M.

"WIN: Less Stress and Doubled Income!
This July she gave me some invaluable information with a single cash injection idea I could implement with my current clients. It has completely changed my business in less than 30 days.
I have doubled my income and feel so much LESS stress in my work and home life - it's unreal! Thank you so much Jen!"
Your Community of Cheerleaders are waiting for you Inside the Inner Circle!
By now you may be thinking, “Jennifer, yes! I’m ready to change my life – and this is the program for me. 
The life you crave could be yours if you just have the guts, grit, determination, work ethic, and ambition to make the investment and do the work!

How long will you continue without making a change?

Are you ready to make a CHANGE to up-level your business and life?

Because, frankly, you deserve bigger success. It is possible for you. It’s time to turn your hopes into reality.

Instead of waiting for someday, you might be surprised at what’s truly possible for you to do RIGHT NOW. (Your coupon for ‘someday’ has expired. Your time is NOW.) It’s time to start acting.

Imperfect Action is Better Than No Action!

For a LIMITED time, you can get into the Profitable Lifestyle Inner Circle, including my 4 Foundational Courses bundled together for the first time starting at the low price of $197 per month (no contract required) or pay in full at only $2k to save 2 months! These courses individually sell for upwards of $1997 each, let alone the community support you gain for an entire year.

But don’t wait - Doors open NOW and I don't know how long I can keep it at this price.

Think about it this way: when you walk away from “Profitable Lifestyle Inner Circle”, you’ll have the foundation you need to attract more clients and make more money (without changing who you are!), have clarity and direction for your business and your life, have control of you time so you can do less (and feel good about it), AND learn the tactical steps to make your dream lifestyle a reality.

So, are you ready?   

Jen J.

"WIN: Working LESS..Making MORE..& LOVING it!
I was working over 70 hours a week. Now, I'm maybe working 30!
I realized that while my revenue had increased, my profits had gone down. I stepped back to see what was my most profitable work and I found great homes for everything else and coincidentally they weren't even the things I loved to do! Now I'm doing the things I love and making just as much money. "
To RECAP: Here's what you get inside the Inner Circle
➔ 1-on-1 Profitable Lifestyle Roadmap Kick Off Call With my Team to Help Accelerate Your Results…(Value $497)
➔ Your Profitable Lifestyle Welcome Package containing your Success Habits, Success Mindset & Success Foundation (Value at $1188) sent to your doorstep

➔ Access to all of Jennifer's Core programs, unlocked quarterly so that you take the time to implement, to further support the consistency in your cashflow and clientflow (Valued at over $10,000 and increasing all the time) 

➔ Monthly Take Action Kits…the first starting with your Welcome Kit…(Value $197 monthly) sent to your doorstep

➔ Live Coaching Calls Twice Per Month…(Value $1000/mo)

➔ Inner Circle Member Level Tickets to the Upcoming Profitable Lifestyle live Events and Workshops (Valued at $1997 for multi-day events)

➔ Monday to Friday Q&A Access to Me and My Team inside our private Facebook Ensure You’re Never Stuck and Always Moving Forward…(Priceless)
Profitable Lifestyle Inner Circle is billed monthly at 30 days apart. You can cancel at any time within the first 30 days. After the first 30 days, you can elect to cancel at any time with a 30 day email notice sent to  To redeem your Profitable Lifestyle Live event or workshop tickets, you must reserve your seat with a minimal Registration and Materials fee.  A little skin in the game creates better motivation.

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